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Putting Grip: Extend Your Right Index Finger

There are many types of putting grip. I don't think there is one correct putting grip for every golfer. The important thing is to find the one that works best for you.

Today, I would like to share the putting grip that works best for me among all the putting grips I tried during the last 20 years.

But my putting grip might suit some players but might not work for others because every golfer is different. However, I find that my grip gives me more feel for the putt.

I improved my distance control and started holding more putts than ever.

Like Holding the Kitchen Knife?

I was wondering how I could putt with more feel.

And I thought it's important to use more of my right hand for more feel. See How to Control Distance or Pace with Your Putter for more information about using your right hand when putting.

So I started to think how I could take advantage of my right hand for putting and thought about using the kitchen knife.

My wife cooks for me, so I don't use the kitchen knife so often. But on her birthday, I usually cook something for her.

When I hold the kitchen knife, I extend my right index finger on the blunt edge of a knife.

So I thought I should try the same thing and extend my right index finger down the right side of the grip.

When I putt with this grip, I try to focus on my right index finger. My right index finger mirrors the putter face.

I started to hold more and more putts when I switched to this new grip. I was controlling the distance much better than ever.

It was like putting with my right index finger.

My left hand grip is little strong. I use reverse-overlap or ten-finger grip for putting. I find that the ten-finger grip gives me more feel.

But some players do well with reverse-overlap grip. So choose the one that works best for you.

I really think that there should be strong grip for putting like a regular grip.

The putter grip has a flat part that tells you to put both of your thumbs on it. The flat part of a putter grip is telling every player to hold the putter the same way.

But that may be too weak for some players.

Next time, I am going to explain more about that.

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