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How to Get a Pure Roll on Your Putts

Putts that have a pure roll seem to fall in rather than spin out when it hit the edge of the cup.

The advantages of putts with a good roll are

1. It seems to roll in more often
2. It tends to stay on the line
3. It tends to go straight even on a bumpy green

Here are the ways to get a pure roll on your putts.

1. Reduce the side spin

Putts with a good roll tend to have less side spin. But if your putter face is either open or close at impact, it can add side spin on the ball.

Also, pay attention to your putting stroke. Some players swing the putter back outside and cut across the ball on the downswing.

Ideally, you want to take the putter slightly inside on the backswing, swing from inside on the downswing and hit the ball with a square putter face.

Also, check your alignment. It can cause side spin as well.

2. How Tiger Woods Gets such a Pure Roll

Tiger's putt seems to roll with a pure roll. His putt seems to fall in rather than spin out more often than other players.

When Jim Flick asked Tiger how he gets such a pure roll, Tiger answered "I think of hitting a high draw on my putts, and I control the putter with my right hand like Jack Nicklaus."

Tiger once mentioned that his ideal putting stroke is 1 degree inside-out. That's why he was trying to putt as if he was hitting a high draw.

Tiger tries to take the putter swing back slightly to the inside on the backswing, and as he swings the putter down the line, he feels the putter face closing.

This could add draw type of spin, but for him, this gives him a good roll.

3. Hit the Top Half of the Ball

Davis Loveā…¢ had the teacher. That was his father who died from a plane crash. His father was one of the best teaching professional.

One of the best advices he gave his son was to hit the top half of the ball to promote a smooth roll.

If you feel like your putts are not rolling straight, you may want to try his advice.

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