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The 5 Ways to Hit The Pitch Shot Over Water

Lots of golfers hate to hit the pitch shot over water. Even with the full shot, you rather not hit this shot. But sometimes you are faced with shots that require half swing.

Let me tell you how to master this shot.

(1) Focus on Your Target, not the water

When faced with the shot over water, most people first look at the water. And then, they actually hit it into it.

But if you ask the pros, they will tell you the first thing they look at is their target, which is the spot of the green.

You tend to hit it to the spot that your mind is focused before the shot. So if you look at the lake, you hit it to the lake. But if you focus on your target, it becomes easier to hit it to that spot instead of the water.

(2) Keep Turning Through the Shot

The easiest mistake when hitting this shot is to stop turning as the result of fear or lack of confidence.

When you stop turning and start hitting it with your hands, you start hitting it fat or thin.

So keep turning your body though the shot.

(3) Hit Down on the Ball

Try to hit down on the ball. Lots of players try to lift the ball over the water with scooping motion. But that will result in fat shot or topped shot.

If you want to hit it high, you need to let the loft do the job and hit down on the ball.

Also, make sure to hit through the ball, not at it.

(4) Grip Down on the Club

It's easier to hit shots will full swing over water instead of hitting it with half swing. So grip down on the club to control distance.

(5) 3 Practice Swings

Player’s often take backswing that is too big for the shot and then decelerate on the downswing to adjust the distance.

But this will lead to fat shots and top shots.

Here is a good way to get the feel for the distance. I want you to take 3 practice swings.

1. Take a practice swing and hit the imaginary ball short of the green (into the water)

2. Take a practice swing and hit the imaginary ball over the green

3. Take a practice swing and hit it to the spot you want the ball to land

Players usually take practice swings before the shot but don't often think about the length of the swing. So next time, try taking 3 practice swings.

This will give you much better sense of distance.

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