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Jack Nicklaus: 5 Secrets to Putting

Jack Nicklaus is known as one of the best putters in the history of golf. He seemed to make all the crucial putts to win major tournaments.

His putting style is unorthodox, but I think we can learn a lot of things from him. Here are Jack's 5 keys to putting.

1) Open Stance

He had the open stance. His feet are open to the target. He felt that he could see the line better this way.

The common mistake among average players is to aim too far to the right at address and pull the putt. To avoid this, aim your putter face first before taking your stance.

If you set your body first, you will tend to aim your body to the target. So set your putter face first.

2) Right Shoulder

Jack's right shoulder was lower than left at address. Because we place our right hand lower than the left hand to grip the putter, the right shoulder should also be lower than the left shoulder at address.

However, some teachers will tell you to keep your shoulders level with the ground for consistent putting stroke.

But if you do this, I think you'll pull lots of putts left of the hole. If you try to avoid pulling putts, you will leave the face open through impact and push the putt.

In putting, your right shoulder should be little lower than your left shoulder at address.

3) His Eyes and Head Position

At address, he was setting his head behind the ball. He positioned his ball little forward of center.

During the putting stroke, he tried to keep his head behind the ball.

His eyes were directly over the target line. I think by positioning his eyes over the target line, he was seeing the line better.

4) The Position of His Hands

His hands were in front of his left thigh. This is little more ahead than normal. Most tour pros have their hands more toward the inside of their left thigh.

He had his shaft tilted forward.

If you feel like you are pulling lots of putts, try to copy Jack's hands position. Make sure to tilt your shaft forward at address. This will help you prevent pulling putts.

5) Hit it on the Upswing

He hit the ball just after the lowest point of his putting stroke. This means he was hitting the ball on the upswing.

I think he felt he could roll the ball much better that way.

The easy way to roll the ball better is to try to hit the top half of the ball at impact. Give it a try. I think you will see the better results.

The Thought Nicklaus Used to Win His Sixth Green Jacket

When Jack Nicklaus won the sixth green jacket in 1986, he was using particular putting thought to shoot 65 to win the tournament.

He was tring to visualize the putter shaft as a delicate glass shaft in his mind.

If you try to visualize your putter shaft is made with a delicate glass, you will naturally try to grip the putter lightly.

At the same time, your stroke will become smooth in an effort to keep the shaft from breaking.

Using this thought, Nicklaus went on to win his sixth Masters.

When you feel like you are losing your touch or when you are facing with very fast greens, try using this thought.

I think it will help you make more putts.

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