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How to Fix Fat and Top shot When Chipping

Hitting it fat or topping it when chipping is a common problem for average players.

To fix this problem, I recommend you to set up differently than normal.

With this technique, we are going to hit the ball with the toe side of your clubface. When you strike the ball toward the toe of the clubface, the ball will come off nice and soft. It also prevents topping it or hitting it fat.

Here is how you set up to hit the shot.

1. Use pitching wedge or 9 iron
2. Use putter grip and grip down on the shaft
3. Stand closer to the ball so that the heel of the club is little off the ground
4. Position your ball in the center of stance
5. Use putting stroke
6. Hit ball toward the toe of the clubface

By using putter grip, you can avoid too much hand action. Using putter grip will let you stand little close to the ball and make the shaft more vertical so that the heel of the club will be off the ground.

This will help you prevent fat shots or top shots.

When you practice this shot, you will find it easier to make a clean contact with the ball.

You can only use this technique when there are no obstacles between the ball and the green.

Try Fred Couples's Drill

There is a drill that was used by Fred Couples. I think it will help you, too.

With this drill, you hit your chip shots with your right hand only. Fred Couples said this drill will teach you rhythm and tempo that are necessary for good chipping.

The club should feel heavy if you hold it with one hand. So it's a good drill to learn the body movement through the swing.

One more tip.

When you practice this drill, focus on starting the swing with your shoulders.

If you feel like you have too much technical tips and information about chipping, forget about them and practice the shots with your right hand only.

It will keep things simple.

Keep Your Chest Moving

When players start to fear chip shots around the greens, they tend to use more arms and hands in order to avoid top shots and fat shots.

But this will only make things worth.

If you check tour players, most of them use their body when chipping. They turn their body back and through during the chip shots.

To avoid using too much arms and hands, try to focus on your chest and keep it moving throughout the swing.

On the backswing, try to turn your chest to the right. On the downswing, turn your chest to the left.

Instead of trying to lift the club with your hands and arms, try to turn back and through and use less hands.

You will hit more crisp chip shots this way.

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