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How to Hit a Bunker Shot from a Downhill Lie

Bunker shots are difficult enough for most average golfers. But the bunkers shot from a downhill lie is even harder shot to hit.

From this lie, it's easy to hit the ball thin and over the green. Or you can take too much sand, and the ball won't get out of the bunker.

The reason why you can't hit it well from a downhill lie is because you are playing against the slope and gravity.

Check Your Set UP

You need to check the following when hitting this shot.

1. Set your shoulders and hips parallel to the slope
2. Position your ball in the middle of the middle of your stance
3. Put your weight on your front foot
4. Open your face but not too much
5. Flex your knees to keep balance

The key is not to fight against the slope but to play with it.

Your Swing

We have talked about this before. But the important thing is to swing down your club along the slope. Too much golfers try to lift the ball in the air.

From this lie, the ball won't go high. So expect the ball to come out lower than usual. You also need to trust the loft and swing down along the slope. That's the best way to get out of the bunker.

I have one more tip.

This is what Annika Sorenstam talked about in her book "Golf Annika's Way."

She said "after making contact, I let myself go. My right foot walks through the shot, just as a baseball pitcher strides after releasing the ball." (P.174 Golf Annika's Way)

By taking the extra step forward, you can avoid trying to lift the club up in an effort to lift the ball into the air.

Also, this will let you swing down along the slope.

So move your back foot forward after impact as if you are walking toward the target.

You don't have to hurry, though. Thinking that you will take the extra step after impact will keep you down through impact. This should help you play with the slope and gravity instead of fighting against them.

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