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The Drill to Control Distance with a Putter

Average players seem to struggle with controlling distance on the green. One of the reasons is the lack of practice.

Hitting a long putt over and over for practice is fine. But there is a better way to practice your distance control.

First, start with a middle distance such as 7 feet or so. Next, try to putt to the hole but don't make it.

I want you to stop the ball right before the cup instead of making it. If your ball goes in or past the hole, you are out.

This is a game of how close you can putt the ball near the cup. The key is to start from middle distance. If you find it hard from 7 feet, try 5 feet or less.

As you gain confidence, move further away from the hole and try the drill.

This is also a good drill to work on right before you tee off.

How Women's Best Player Practiced Her Putting

Annika Sorenstam is known as one of the best female golfers in the history of golf. Until the 2000 season, she wasn't paying too much attention to her putting.

Like most amateurs, she said she didn't realize the importance of putting.

But after watching Karrie Web win multiple majors and lots of tournaments in 1999 and 2000, Annika finally decided to devote more time practicing her putting to keep up with Karrie Web.

This is how she practices her putting.

The interesting thing is that she didn't change her mechanics much. But instead, she spent lots of time working on speed and distance control.

She would hit 50 to 100 putts with her right hand only. And then she would try to lag two dozen 30-footers to within a putter's length to the cup.

If she missed one, she would start all over again.

On the next season, she quickly got some good results. She won 4 straight tournaments including the major. During that season, she went on to earn $2,105,868.

I don't say you have to practice as much as she did. But instead of trying hard to work on your mechanics, working on speed and distance control might give you much better results.

Hitting putts with your right hand only is a great putting drill that is used by lots of tour players including Tiger Woods.

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