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The Difference between Chipping and Pitching

What is the difference between chipping and pitching?

Well, Lets look at those two shots.


1. Distance

Chipping: A chip shot is usually used near the green. Anywhere from a yard to 30 yards off the green.

Pitching: A pitch shot is usually used from more than 30 yard or so from the green.


2. Weight Shift

Chipping: No weight shift is needed in general. You put your weight on your front foot at address and keep it there throughout the swing.

Pitching: Depending on the shot, you need to shift your weight to your right side.


3. Clubs used for the shot

Chipping: You can use just about any club you like. Sand wedge, 9 iron, 6 iron, utility clubs or fairway woods.

Pitching: Basically, you use lofted clubs to hit the shot.


4. Getting over something

Chipping: You won't use this shot to get over water or bunker.

Pitching: You use pitching shot to get over water or any other hazard.


5. Type of swing

Chipping: You use short type of swing. The shaft won't reach parallel with the ground when hitting this shot unless you are hitting special type of chipping shots.

Pitching: You use bigger swing than chipping shots. Depending on the shot, you might grip down and swing up to the top like any other shots you hit with irons.

Tips to Control Trajectory with Your Pitching

Davis Love Jr. was well known as a father of Davis Love Ⅲ. But Love Jr. was also a great player who played well in majors.

Davis Love Jr. told Jim Flick who is also a famous teacher that one of the secrets to great pitching is to control trajectory of the shots.

To control trajectory, he was altering grip pressure.

To hit it low, he was gripping the club little tighter. To hit it high and soft, he was gripping the club softly.

By gripping little tighter than normal, you can prevent your hands to release early. This will decrease your loft of your club and let you hit it low.

If you want to pitch it high and soft, grip the club softer than normal to let your hands release through impact. This should help you add loft as the club slides through the ball.

When chipping, use clubs with less loft such as 8 iron to chip it low. To hit it higher, simply use more lofted clubs.

Also, position your ball off the right toe to chip it low. To hit it higher, you should play the ball in the center of your stance.

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