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How to Improve Chipping Touch and Feel for Distance

It may seem hard to improve your chipping touch and feel for distance control around the greens.

Of course, chipping touch in golf can be improved through practice. But there are important keys that you should understand before you go out there and start to practice your chipping.

Roll it as much as Possible

One of the most important basics in chipping is that you should try to roll the ball as much as possible on the greens instead of hitting it high to get the ball close to the pins.

Next time you get the chance to practice your chipping, I want you to grab your golf ball with your right hand if you are right-handed player.

And then, I want you to throw the ball with your right hand and try to get it close to the pin.

You should try to throw it high in the air or try to roll the ball on the green.

And I like you to find out which way is the best to get the ball close to the pin.

In most cases, players would feel easier to roll the ball instead of throwing it high in the air to get the ball close to the pin.

In chipping, you should do the same thing and try to roll it as much as possible.

If there are lots of room between the edge of the green and the pin, instead of using your sand wedge, you should use irons with less loft like your 8 iron.

Use Your Right Hand to Improve Touch

In golf, you grip the club with both hands. But I think each hand has a different role when hitting shots or putting.

When it comes to feel or touch, your dominant hand does the better job.

So if you are right handed player, you might improve your chipping touch by focusing on your right hand.

When doing so, I like you to focus on your right index finger and your right thumb and hit the ball.

These two finders are very good at improving your touch and feel for distance.

If it's a short chipping shot, you can extend your right index finger along the shaft and try to hit your chipping. It may feel strange at first, but this grip may improve your touch dramatically.

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