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How to Regain or Increase Your Clubhead Speed

Some players have problems increasing their clubhead speed. No matter how hard they try to swing a golf club, they feel like they are still losing some clubhead speed.

When you see them swing, you don't notice any changes in their golf swing.

So what's the problem?

Often times, their problem is the grip pressure. When you feel like you can't create enough clubhead speed, you might want to try to loosen your grip pressure.

On a scale of 1 to 10, where 10 is the tightest, you want to try 5.

Why You Grip it too Tightly

When you watch the pitcher throwing a fastball, you'll notice that he has soft hands and arms.

But in golf, it's sometimes hard to loosen the grip pressure because by loosening the grip, you may feel like you will curve the ball even more.

Try to loosen your grip and take a practice swing. You will notice that your clubhead speed increases, but you will also feel like it's hard to manipulate your clubhead during the swing if you grip it lightly.

So when you actually hit a shot with a light grip pressure, you might hit a bigger slice or a hook because you have less chance of manipulating your clubhead or swing plane.

When that happens, keep your light grip pressure for faster clubhead speed but change your grip so that you don't have to manipulate your swing plane or clubhead during the swing.

When players see the ball slicing or hooking, most of them try to fix it by changing their swing. You may fix your ball flight this way but at the same time, lose the clubhead speed.

I've seen players losing as much as 50 yards on their drives by trying to change their swing. They quickly regained their distance when I ask them to change their grip instead of their swing.

Start with a Half Swing

You may find it hard to loosen your grip pressure at first. So start with a half swing (with a light grip) and try to hit the ball on the sweet spot.

If you hit it solid with a half swing, increase your clubhead speed and work your way up to a full swing.

If you don't hit it solid, don't increase your clubhead speed.

Catch the ball solid first with a slower swing speed and a light grip pressure and then increase your swing speed.

If you do this every time you go to the driving range, you'll notice the big change in your clubhead speed.

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