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How can a Female Golfer Increase Driving Distance?

Female golfers often have problems with lack of distance off the tee with a driver or from the fairway with an iron.

Especially female golfers who didn't play other sports have problems increasing their distance.

But there are ways to increase your distance even thorough you don't have much power or athletic ability.

Here are the lists of things you can do to increase your distance.

1. Use ten-finger grip

The ten-finger grip is also called baseball grip. I recommend this grip to female golfers who lack distance or anybody who wants more power and control.

Because all the fingers are on the grip, you can add more power to your swing. Some teachers might say that you will lose control of your ball flight.

But by using and testing all 3 types of grip (ten-ginger, overlap and interlock grip) for many years, I've found that the ten-finger grip gives me more power and control.

Although I'm not against overlap or interlocking grip, I think that it's more natural to put all fingers when you grab a stick. You probably won't overlap your pinkie or lace your fingers when you grab a stick.

So I think you should do the same thing.

But like I said from time to time, the correct grip differs from person to person. But if you feel like you are lucking distance, it is worth trying ten-finger grip.

2. Flare out your toes

When taking your address, make sure to flare out your toes. Both toes should be turned out about 30 degrees.

If you flare out your right toe, it can make your backswing bigger. If you flare out your left toe, it makes it easier to turn through impact.

One of the easy ways to increase distance is to make your backswing bigger. So you might want to make sure your right toe is turned out enough to support your bigger backswing.

3. Lift your left heel off the ground on the backswing

For female golfers who lack distance, I recommend lifting their left heel off the ground as they start their backswing.

This would really help shift your weight to your back foot.

However, you want to turn not slide. Some golfer slide and fail to reserve their power on the backswing.

So make sure you lift your left heel and turn to the right as you make your backswing.

As you start your downswing, you want to replace your left heel back on the ground to shift your weight back to your front foot.

If you can do this correctly, you will easily add more distance to your driver and irons.

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