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What to Think during Golf Swing

What do you think about during the golf swing?

Some golfers think about keeping their head down. Others think about shifting their weight on the backswing.

I get this kind of question from the readers of this site once in a while. Ideally, I would like to just hit the ball without thinking during my golf swing.

When you are in the zone, this may become easy.
However, it's really hard to swing your golf club without thinking. Most golfers have some king of swing thoughts to think about during their swing.

But you certainly don't want to think too much during the swing. If you have more than 2 swing thoughts, you should narrow it down to 1.

I have 3 patterns. But I don't use more than 2 images or swing thoughts. Here the images or swing thoughts I use.

1. Image of hitting it in the middle of the clubface

When I swing, I usually try to re-create the image of the best shot I hit in my mind. When I'm successful of forming that image, I usually hit a good shot.

Especially on the downswing, I try to focus on that image. You can also focus on the feeling of solid impact or sound of solid contact with the ball as you swing down.

2. Clubface Angle

On the downswing, I try to focus on the clubface angle. Especially at impact, I try hard to direct my attention to the clubface angle.

3. Clubhead path

When I'm hitting special type of shots like a draw or fade, I focus on the clubhead path. I may align my feet right of target and swing along my feet line to hit a draw. In this case, I focus on the clubhead path and avoid my tendency to swing to the target (from outside in this case).

One of the things I try to avoid thinking about during my swing is the swing mechanics.

For example, I don't think about keeping my right knee flex during my swing. I may work on keeping my right knee flex in practice. But I don't think about it while hitting the actual shot on the course.

I don't recommend having a swing thought that has nothing to do with the clubface (or clubface angle) at impact. I have tested this for many years, but thinking about swing mechanics during the swing produced more bad shots than good shots.

Even if it worked, it won't last a long time.

But if you must think about swing mechanics, try to keep it down to 1.

I don't think too much during my golf swing, but I do pay lots of attention to my grip, ball positions, alignment and posture. And I do that during my routine before the shot.

If you have to think about something when hitting shots, pay more attention to the things you can check before pulling the trigger. It will give you much better results.

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