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Shoulder and Hip Turn on the Golf Swing

In general, teachers will tell you to turn your shoulders 90 degrees and hips up to 45 degrees.

Some teachers say the difference between the shoulder turn and the hip turn is bigger, you will hit it further.

You may read the golf tip that tells you to restrict your hip turn so you can coil your upper body against your lower body.

I don't understand those theories.

Don't Hesitate to Turn Your Hips

I don't recommend you to restrict your hip turn on the backswing. If you can turn your hips more than 45 degrees, that's fine as long as you are turning and not sliding.

Greg Norman said that he could turn his shoulders more if he also turns his hips more to the right.

If you are flexible, you could turn your hips more. If that's the case, don't restrict your hip turn.

And you don't have to worry about turning your shoulders more than your hips. Because of the human structure, shoulders will turn more than your hips.

If you lack flexibility and can't turn your shoulders much, try to flare out your right foot. This will allow your shoulders and hips to turn more.

Two Things to avoid when turning back

If you want to hit it far, you should try to turn more to the right.

But you need to avoid 2 things when turning back.


1. Lose the flex in your right knee

If you lose the flex in your right knee, you are not turning. You are sliding instead. So try to keep the flex in your right knee. Keep your weight on the inside of your right foot on the backswing.


2. Slide to the right

We have talked about this before. If you slide, you won't accumulate your power no matter how much you turn your shoulders.

Lots of golfers slide to the right in an effort to turn more. So make sure you are turning instead of sliding.

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