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The Head Movement during the Golf Swing

Jack Nicklaus was famous for turning his chin to the right before he took the club back. He moved his chin (head) to the right so that he can turn freely during the backswing.

In his book, he said that the head should not move so much during the swing. So lots of teachers teach their students not to move their head.

But this is not correct.

Jack Nicklaus said that the movement of your head should be stable but the head doesn't have to be still during the swing.

When he turns his chin before the backswing, he turns his head as he moves his chin. So he was moving his head during the golf swing. He just did it before he took the club back.

On the backswing, your body turns to the right. That means your head will also turn to the right because your head is connected to your body.

Butch Harmon said the the worst thing you can do during the swing is to keep your head still.

If you feel like you have less turn during the backswing, let your head to move a little. Try to rotate your head to the right as you go back.

Head Rotation

If you restrict the movement of your head, it will be very difficult to turn.

Let's experiment.

Stand up straight and try to turn to the right without moving your head.

This will be really difficult.

Now, allow your head to rotate as you turn to the right. You will find it much easier to turn fully to the right when you do that.

So allow your head to rotate to the right on your backswing. It will move slightly to the right as you shift your weight, but it won't be a big slide to the right.

Tilting of Your Head

Also, tilt your head slightly to the right at address. Because your spine should be tilted to the right at address, your head should be tilted as well.

Your head and your spine are connected. So if the spine is tilted, it's unnatural to keep your head straight at address.

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