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Wrist Pain and How to Cure it

When I was in college, I spent most of my time in the driving range or on the golf course.

I would go to the driving range and just hit balls after ball until it gets too dark to see the ball.

But one day, I injured my left wrist and had to stop practicing. My doctor told me to take some time off.

That was the last time I injured my wrist. I never injured my wrists again after that.

To cure your wrist pain, you are going to have to rest for a while. Also, please see your doctor before reading this article.

But unless you change something in your golf swing, there is a good chance that you are going to hurt your wrist again.

This is how I cured my wrist.

Check Your Divot

I was wondering what caused my wrist pain and noticed that my divot was deep.

At that time, I was hitting the ball with a steep angle of approach into the ball. So I hit lots of slice and was lacking distance with every club I hit.

My grip was square grip according to the text book or my teachers. But I thought that it was too weak for me. I was cutting across the ball in order to avoid the open face at impact.

So my divot was deep and pointing left of the target. This is a sign that I was cutting across the ball.

Sweep the Ball

I stopped hitting down on the ball and started to sweep the ball off the turf. But to accomplish that, I had to do something to keep the clubface from opening during the backswing and the downswing.

Although my teachers said my grip is square, I tried stronger grip to keep the clubface square through impact.

Right after changing it to stronger grip, the clubface stopped opening through impact.

If you hit down on the ball or cut across the ball with a stronger grip, you will pull it or hit a duck hook.

So your swing path will automatically change from outside-in to inside-in or inside-out.

I didn't have to work on my swing path.
It just changed naturally after changing my grip.

If I tried to change my swing path first, I would still be slicing everything.

Anyway, by the time I noticed, my divot was shallow and pointing at the target.

I never felt my wrist pain ever since.

If you have the wrist pain and find the deep divot after hitting your iron shots, your grip might be the cause.

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