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5 Ways to Put more Backspin with a Wedge

Let's talk about how to put more backspin on the ball. But before we start, I would like to mention that too much backspin can cause problems. It's hard to control the amount of backspin in golf.

But the proper amount of backspin will help your game for sure.

Here are 5 way to put more backspin on the ball.

1) Quality of Impact

The quality of impact is important if you want to put more backspin.

You will have to hit it solid to create spin. It's also important to hit the ball and then the turn with a wedge with a descending blow.

When you hit it with a descending blow, you will put more backspin. I will explain why this puts more spin later on.

2) Clubhead Speed

In general, the more clubhead speed, the more backspin you put on the ball.

But you don't need swing speed like tour pros to put more spin on the ball.

If the clubhead speed just after impact is faster than the speed just before impact, you will put more spin.

In other words, you need to accelerate your clubhead through impact to put more backspin.

3) Angle of Approach into Impact

You need to hit it with a descending blow to put more spin. When you do that, you will push the ball against the grass at impact for a fraction of a second. This creates lots of backspin on the ball.

Also, when you are hitting from the grass, you may catch the grass between the clubface and the ball and reduce the amount of backspin.

To avoid this to happen, you want to make sure you hit the ball with a descending blow.

4) Ball Position

You also have to pay attention to your ball position when hitting a wedge. Dave Pelz said you should position the ball 2 ball length right of center for a wedge.

I usually place the ball in the center of stance. But this may not be correct position for every golfer.

You should start with a ball in the center of your stance and experiment from there.

5) Hands Position

To hit it with a descending blow, your hands must be ahead of the ball at impact.

If the hands are back, it's the sign that you are trying to lift the ball up. But this won't putt much spin at all.

At address, your hands should be toward inside of your left thigh.

At impact, try to return your hands to where they were at address.

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