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Tiger Woods' Drill to Hit Long Irons

Most average players don't hit long irons well. If that's the case, you can use hybrid clubs. I think hybrid clubs are very easy to hit it long and high.

But when you ask for more control on ball flight, you might want to read the following tips and drills that I will show you.

Ball Position

Tiger Woods said he would position the ball 2 inches inside of his left heel for long irons.

I'm not saying this is the correct position for every golfer, but lots of players tend to place the ball too far forward in order to hit it up in the air.

But when you start to position your ball too far left, you will start hitting it fat. You might hit lots of pull shots and slice as well.

So be careful not to put the ball too far left.

Don't Treat it Differently

I see lots of players start to swing harder when they grab long irons. Their swing is different from the one they make with their middle irons such as 7-iron or 6-iron.

Why do they start swinging harder?

Well, they think they have to hit it harder to get more distance or get the ball airborne.

It's ironic because that's why they are having hard time with long irons.

You don't really have to change your swing. In fact, swing like your 7 iron, and you will do much better with long irons.

But I want you to remember that the shots with long irons won't go as high as 7-iron. Lots of players start swinging harder or trying to lift the ball in the air after they see their low ball flight.

But shots with long irons are supposed to fly lower than your middle irons.

You just have to trust the loft and swing like 7-iron. If it goes low, that's fine as long as you are hitting it solid.

If you want to hit it higher, you can either hit a fade or use hybrids.

The Drill used by Tiger Woods

When Tiger Woods practices his long irons, he starts by trying to catch the ball in the middle of the clubface. So he doesn't swing hard at all because swinging harder will only make it difficult to hit it on the sweet spot.

For practice, Tiger Woods sometimes hits his long irons to the target that's 100 yards away.

He swings at half speed and concentrate on hitting it on the sweet spot with this drill.

You will have to slow down for this drill, but don't forget to shift your weight during the swing.

You don't have to lift the ball or swing harder. Just focus on solid contact with slower swing speed.

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