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How to Hit a Solid and Strong Iron Shot

It feels so good to catch the ball solid with your irons.

Years ago, I saw one of the PGA Tour pros practicing at the driving range. He was practicing with his feet close together.

It surprised me to see that the quality of the shot is not so different from regular shots he was hitting with a normal stance width.

The shot he hit was penetrating through the wind. I still remember the sound of impact he was making. He was really hitting it solid.

It's a good drill to hit shots with your feet close together. When you try this drill, check the following key points.

1. Alignment

You need to pick a target. Then, align your shoulders and feet parallel with the target line.

2. Grip

If you have a weak grip, you can't hit well with your feet together. The correct grip for you may not be correct for other player.

So try to find the correct grip for you.

I recommend you to use strong grip at first. Turn both hands to the right until you see 3 knuckles on your left hand.

Check the knuckles of your left hand, just before you start your swing. Some players twist their hands or clubhead so they feel comfortable with their new grip. But if you feel comfortable with your new grip, you are not changing it correctly.

The new grip should feel awkward to begin with.

3. Posture

When I ask players to hit shots with their feet close together, they tend to stand too tall at address.

Make sure you bend from your hips at address.

4. Golf swing

Don't think too much about mechanics of the swing. Just focus on hitting the ball in the center of your clubface. Use 7 iron or 8 iron. Swing with 60% of your power.

If you can't hit it well, don't start swinging harder or faster because swing speed has nothing to do with solid contact with the ball.

Go back to check the key points above if you are not hitting it well.

Swing from the inside

To hit it solid, you must hit it from the inside the target line.

Here is the drill that let you swing from the inside. Use 7 iron for this drill.

1) Stand square to the target
2) Take the club back but don't take it too much on the inside because this will cause you to come over the top on the downswing
3) Try to start the ball 10 yards right of your target

At first, swing with 50% of your swing speed.

Coming into impact, try to face the back of your left hand toward the ground. This will help you rotate your clubface through impact.

Your goal with this drill is to hit the draw that starts right of the target and come back to the target.

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