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The Easy Way to Fix Your Hook

A hook shot is usually a good player’s fault. Most golfers are slicers. The good thing is that hooks are easier to fix than slices.

The reason why you hit a hook is because you closed your clubface at impact. This puts hook spin on the ball. At address, I suppose you set your clubface to the target.

But for some reason, you are closing your clubface during the golf swing.

1. Most of the Problems Come from the Grip

The main cause of your hooks is your grip. Most hookers have grip that is too strong.

There was a golfer who was hitting a big hook. I checked his grip and found that his right hand was too strong.

The V formed by his right thumb and index finger was pointing right of his right shoulder at address. For most players, this is too strong.

But his left hand grip was not so strong. When he looked down he saw 2 1/2 knuckles of his left hand. So we didn't change his left hand grip.

But I asked him to change his right hand grip. We made sure the V formed by his right thumb and index finger was pointing toward his right shoulder at first.

This is still a strong grip, but I asked him to hit shots with this grip. He did so and hit a strong draw with this grip.

If he wants to hit straighter shots, he can work on his right hand grip. If the V formed by his right thumb and index finger points somewhere between his right shoulder and his chin, he would be able to hit straighter shots.

But he was hitting a good draw, so I left it like that.

I think it's a good idea to have either a draw or fade as your weapon because you can predict where the ball will go if you miss.

If your shot is a draw, you can aim the right side of the fairway and work your ball back to the center of the fairway. If you hook it too much, your ball is still on the left side of your fairway.

You can use the whole width of the fairway with this strategy.

But if you hit straight shots, you only have half of the fairway to work with.

Anyway, in his case, he only had to change his right hand grip. But most hookers have strong left hand grip. If that's your case, you might want to make sure you see 2 1/2 knuckles of your left hand when you look down.

If you see 3 or more knuckles of your left hand, that may be too strong. In that case, rotate your left hand to the left until you see 2 1/2 knuckles.

The Habit of Closing the Clubface during the Swing

Some hookers have the habit of closing the clubface during the golf swing. This causes a hook. So you might want to feel like you are even opening the clubface during the golf swing.

The good point to check is when the clubface reaches parallel with the ground at the beginning of your backswing.

Stop when the club reaches parallel with the ground. The club should be at your waist height.

Now, check the clubface angle. If the clubface is looking toward the ground, which mean you closed your clubface. If the clubface is looking toward the sky, that's open. You will hit a slice.

So you want your clubface to point somewhere between those two.

Some instructors say that the clubface angle should match the angle of your spine.

But I think it's too hard to be aware of that during your backswing.

So try to feel like the toe of your iron is looking toward the sky at this position.

If you still hit hooks, try to rotate your clubface open just a little bit at the start of your backswing. This is advanced technique for most players, but if you have the tendency to close your clubface during the swing, this technique might help you.

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