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How to Choose the Correct Driver for You?

How can you choose the correct driver that suits your swing?

I think it's important for golfers at any level to choose the right one for them.

When picking your driver, pay attention to those 4 things.

1. Loft
2. Lie Angle
3. Face Angle
4. Shat Flex

1. Loft

If you have too less loft on the driver, you probably can't hit a driver. If you hit your 3 wood longer than your driver, you either have too less loft on the driver or you are delofting your driver at impact.

In general,

- Players with slower swing speed → get more loft
- Players who prefer a draw → get more loft

- Players with faster swing speed → get less loft
- Players who prefer a fade → get less loft

I usually use the driver with 10 degrees or more. With my swing speed, lots of people tell me to get less loft.

But I can easily deloft my driver when it's necessary to hit it longer than normal. Also, I am a draw hitter and like to control my ball flight so I choose the driver with more loft.

2. Lie angle

The lie angle of driver can make a big difference. The upright lie angle will help you turn the face over through impact.

On the other hand, the flat lie angle can cause slice because the face tend to open at impact.

So if you are much taller than average, you might want to consider picking the driver with upright lie angle.

Also, if you slice the ball, the upright lie angle will help you cure your slice.

If you are much shorter than average, it's ok. Don't worry about picking the driver with flat lie angle unless you hit big hooks all the time.

3. Face angle

There are 1) Square face, 2) Closed face, and 3) Open face Drivers.

If the face is pointing left of target at address, it has a closed face. If it points right, it has an open face.

For slicers, closed face drivers will help you reduce your slice spin.

4. Shaft Flex

Too Stiff

If the shaft is too stiff for you, it can cause 1) lower ball flight, 2) slice.

Too Soft

If it's too soft, it can cause 1) higher ball flight, 2) Hook.

I don't recommend stiff shaft for average players unless they have faster swing speed.

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