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How to Stop Aiming Right and Aim Straight

The alignment is one of the most difficult things in golf. Sometimes, it's more difficult to aim correctly than to hit your driver straight.

To align correctly to the target, your feet, hips and shoulders should be parallel to your target line which is the line from the ball to the target.

But lots of golfers tend to aim right. If you aim right and try to hit the ball to the target, you must swing from outside to inside.

This could produce a cut swing and a slice.

Focus on Your Right Shoulder

So how can you stand square to the target?

One of the ways to do this is to focus on your right shoulder.

Players who aim right pull their right side and take their address. So when taking your posture, try focusing on your right shoulder and try not to pull it back.

It is a good idea to put your left hand on your right shoulder when you take your address position.

The reasons why players aim right are different depending on what kind of shots they are hitting. Let me explain more about that.

Why Slicers Aim Right?

Let's talk about slicers, first.

Generally speaking, slicers tend to aim left because the ball will curve to the right. They have to aim left to avoid the trouble on the right side.

To avoid trouble on the right side, they have 2 options. One is to aim left. The other option is to pull the shot to the left.

If you pull it, the ball will go straight to the left. After watching the ball go straight to the left, slicers think their slice is gone.

But the ball will go left, so they have to aim right in an effort to make the ball go at the target.

That's why they aim right and pull the shot. They may think they are hitting it straight, but in fact, they are just pulling the shots. They are only hiding their slice.

So they will occasionally hit some slices. It's very hard to control shots like this.

However, if they try to stand square to the target, their slice will come back. So they need to fix their slice at the same time they work on their alignment. See how to fix slice.

How about Players who Hit Hooks?

Golfers who struggle with hooks also tend to aim right because the ball curves to the left. But if they aim straight, the ball will curve even more to the left.

So when fixing their alignment, they need to fix their hooks at the same time.

Also, the grip has a lot to do with their alignment. The more they put their hands forward of the ball at address, the more right they tend to aim.

The ball position also has a lot to do with alignment. The more they put their ball to the right, the more they tend to aim right.

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