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How to Fix a Hook by Changing Your Grip

Most amateurs slice the ball. Hook is usually the problem for good players.

The best way to fix your hook is by changing your grip. The cause for a hook shot is a closed clubface at impact.

When the shot starts to curve to the left, golfers will try to hit it to the right to avoid hitting it too much to the left.

This will cause inside-out swing. The ball starts right and come back to the left. If the clubface is little open to the target, the ball will go right (push shot). If the face is square or little closed at impact, the ball will have a hook spin.

Rotate Your Hands to the Left

In order to keep the clubface square at impact, you should try to rotate your hands to the left until your ball starts to fly straight.

Look down at your grip when setting up. Try to count knuckles of your left hand. If you see 3 knuckles, rotate your left hand until you see 2 12 knuckles. If you still hook it, try 2 knuckles.

You also need to pay attention to your right hand as well. Try to match your right hand to your left.

If the V formed by your right thumb and index finder points your right shoulder, rotate your right hand so that your V will point your right ear.

The correct position is different from person to person. So you need to find the proper position for you.

Straight Shot is the most Difficult Shot of All

Lots of golfers try to hit it straight. But to me, the straight shot is the most difficult shot of all. Even the pros don't really hit it straight.

They have either tiny draw or fade.

It's really hard to hit it dead straight, and I don't recommend you try it.

The reason why I don't recommend the straight shot is because you can't predict which way the ball will go when you miss it.

For example, I hit a draw on almost every shot. When I miss, I know that the ball won't go right. It will go little too much to the left if I miss.

When you take one side out of the equation, it becomes easier to avoid trouble.

So if you hit a hook, don't try to hit it straight but try to hit a little draw.

Focus on the Back of Your Left Hand

Another way to fix your hook is to focus on the back of your left hand.

After you set up to the ball and just before you take the club back, stop there and take your hands off the grip.

Before re-gripping the club, try to point the back of your left hand to the target and grip your left hand.

This would weaken your grip a bit and might help you fix your hook.

After taking your left hand grip, take your right hand grip and make sure your hands are parallel to each other.

Some players have weak left hand grip but have very strong right hand grip. This would cause hooks as well even though they have weaker left hand grip.

So try to match your right hand to your left.

When hitting balls with this grip, try to feel like the back of your left hand is facing the target at impact as well.

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